Useful Tips To Date A Cougar Woman Part - 2

Dating a cougar woman always excites you up and there are many young men out there that are super excited to date an older woman. But to be very clear, dating a cougar isn’t that easy and you must know the tricks and expert tips so that you can impress your cougar woman. In our previous post, we already discussed few tips that you need to know before dating an older woman.  Here are other important tips that will help you in cougar dating. Impressing a cougar woman need many things and you must know each and every thing while dating a cougar woman. If you are quite serious about to date a cougar, than make sure that you are following these expert tips while dating a cougar woman. Here are the best cougar tips suggested by cougar dating experts itself. 

Never tell her age to her – when you are dating an older woman, it’s quite obvious that you should not tell or remind her age again and again to her. She is older than you and she knows it, you don’t have to say it in front of her or in middle of your date. This will make her upset or angry and you may have to face embarrassing situation. You might not even get the second change to date her if you did this in between the date.

Have patience and never force her for sex – cougar dating is meant for sex only but it doesn’t mean that you are forcing her for sex favors all the time. Sex is mandatory factor in older women dating and off course your cougar partner is also interested in sex and that’s why she is dating you. But you have to keep your patience and try to get connected with your cougar partner emotionally. Give time to you and your cougar partner to understand each other and what exactly you and your cougar partner looking for each other. Once you understand each other and get connected, your cougar partner will ask you to have sexual favor by itself and till then, you have to keep your patience and be with her and keep the things as simple as you can.

Never interfere in her personal life and give her some space too – some cougar women never want that their dating partner will interfere in their personal life. Most of them are singles and working and have their own personal life as well. So, it’s quite best to not interfere in their personal life if she really doesn’t like this from you. One more thing, cougar woman loves their privacy and their personal space, so never reach their work place or their home when they are at their residence. You will lose your self-respect by doing this. Be desirable and make sure that she will reach to you at your place and not you.

Dating a cougar woman is somehow tricky and there are many aspects that you must take care. But if you are following these above mentioned guidelines, you will get a best cougar experience for sure. 

Best Cougar Dating App For Cougars And Cubs

Dating an older woman is one of the major fantasies for most of the guys and to fulfill these desires, there are many cougar dating websites live in the web. Many older woman and young cubs are currently using these cougar dating websites. Most of them are quite effective and people from all over the globe are taking benefits and find a cougar date for them here in these cougar dating websites. 
Not all, but most of them are genuine and few of them are most effective. Here’s the list of best cougar dating websites. If you are looking to register yourself in one of the best online mature women dating websites or app and don’t know which one is best and will provide the best results, here’s the list of best cougar dating websites.


Currently to most popular and well known online adult dating website “” is not only offering services for cougar dating but also offering services for threesome, transsexual, transgender, sugar daddy, cross dresser dating too. Tinder owns a huge data bases and successfully offering the service in dating industry from last two decades. Tinder is an amazing mature dating app and website where each and every user will find their perfect partner. 

Using this amazing app is quite easy and you is available for both android and iPhone users. Both can download this amazing app from their relative app store. Android users can download this app from Google play store and iPhone users can download this app for free from app store.

It is absolutely free to download and quite easy to register. Only thing you need to register is your phone number to verify your account and a personal Email ID. If you have an existing Facebook account than it become easier for you to register or sign in. You can use your Facebook account credential to login and browse this amazing app. After registering or sign in, update your profile and explore more about yourself to know more about you. 

Navigations are quite very easy and you can find each and every thing quite easily. Search filters will also allow you to find a perfect match for you based on your GEO location. Once you use the search option, there are thousands of profiles live in your screen and you can browse each one separately. Sending an invite to connect is quite easy and you can do this by only one swipe. You can both send an invite or reject any profile by only one single swipe. You only have to do a right swipe to send invite or left swipe to reject any profile. 

Tinder owns some amazing feature and to use all the features, you have to be a pro or gold member. There’s a monthly subscription fee so that you can upgrade your account and can use and take the benefits of all the features of this amazing app.

If you are looking for one of the best cougar dating app, I must say, Tinder is that one for you.

Cougar Dating And Benefits To Date An Older Woman

Dating an older woman has its own benefits and if you are already dating a cougar woman, you know what I mean is. For the last couple of years, I am in a relationship with an older woman over 45+ and believe me, this one is one of the best relationship that I have till now. Cougar woman are amazing and I personally feel this. To my experience, if you really want to enjoy dating, try cougar dating for once and you will know yourself how good a cougar date is.

Dating a cougar woman has own benefits and you will laterally feel the difference between a cougar woman and a young teen age girl. Cougar woman are more confident and relaxed in bed when you are going to intimate. She has everything clear in her mind that what she want and how to get it. She knows how to play with you to make the things more exciting and will get what she is looking for.

If you are still confused that either you should a cougar woman or not, here are few facts about dating a cougar woman. Read these facts and decide yourself that either you should date a cougar or not. Here are the best benefits listed in this article while mature dating a cougar woman.

Cougar woman are confident and knows how to behave in bed. One the best point of cougar woman is that they knows how to please a man and are quite confident in doing this. Confidence that a cougar woman have in them helps them to be relax and excite up the environment even if things are not as per plan.

Independent and self believed. Most cougar woman runs a business and earns a wealthy life style. They are classy and know exactly how to behave in public. Cougar woman do have saving with them and they don’t ask you to pay their bills or take care of their expenses. When you are dating a cougar woman, you have to luxury to not to worry about the expenses or bills while going out to any exotic location when you are on holidays.

Cougar woman have a better space than yours. Yes it’s quit true that cougar woman owns a better space to live than you. Her apartment is quite big and clean as compare to yours and the best thing is you can go over their apartment when she needs you and don’t have to book a hotel room or a lodge.

You will learn a lot from her. Her experience will help you in every step of your life and she will help you to learn many new things and how to face the critical situations in your life. When it comes to dating, her experience means a lot and you will also get a benefit of that.

There are many more benefits that you will have when you are dating a cougar woman.

Beginner Guidance On How To Have A Threesome

The biggest secret about having a threesome is that you would rather screening than persuading. Some women can never be a threesome material to share their partner no matter how hard to try to convince them. Many women have less new experiment with the longer time they are in a relationship. If you think your relationship is not that type of a traditional one, maybe your woman will be willing to take a short leave from her comfort zone and have an adventure.

Therefore, if you are single and you are interested in having a couples dating, you should start choosing and plan for it. You can choose a swinger couple or two singles to join this party with you. You just need to decide what kinds of threesome hookup is what you want. Two females and one male or two males and one female, or any other types, as long as you think you are interested. Threesome is much less complicated and easier for singles than that of swinger couples. There are less drama and less worry. On the other hand, there is also cons when you are having a couple dating with a couple. As you know that threesome is dangerous for couples for that it could cause jealousy and anger, which is also the cause of the third getting excluded.

If you are in a relationship, it is important that you should start with her. Never say that you want to fuck with another woman or say that you want to share another woman with her. Never say that you want to sleep with her best friend. It might be reasonable for you to think that since they are very close already, maybe having a bi dating would make a special bond between them. It is ridiculous for you to think it that way or maybe it is just one of your excuse for you to convincing yourself and your partner.

From the standpoint of a woman, threesome can be a lot of things. Except the sexual excitement, she might also want to experience some fun with people of her same gender. Having a threesome is a less awkward way to explore her gender identity. It would be even better if it can make you happy.

You might also want to notice things that she might worry. The best way to eliminate the concerns is to kill them before the appearance. For example, she might worry that the reason why you want to have a threesome is that she did not make you satisfied or you are tired of her and find her less attractive. It is normal that she might feel this way and lots of women do, especially when they are facing with a threesome circumstance. Therefore, it is necessary for you to ensure that she feels loved and cared by you.

There Are Some Special Reviews Of WooPlus

With the development of online dating, there are more and more dating sites that we can use. Well, among hundreds of dating sites, there is a nice and special dating site which designed for plus size people, its name is WooPlus, have you ever heard of it? Anyway, it doesn’t matter, because this is a new BBW dating site we can say like this and it occurred in 2015, maybe its fame is not as well-known as other big BBW dating sites. However, during these three years, WooPlus improved a lot and more and more people choose to use it now. Here, i would like to talk something about users’ reviews of WooPlus. Please follow me and have a look together.

Well, if you look through the statistic data of the WooPlus’s users, it’s not difficult to find that this dating site received more than two million users around the world. What’s more, those people can be divided into different groups. For example, plus size women who would like to seek for their true love on the site; BBW admirers who want to find their ideal BBW partners on the site and so on. For those curvy women, WooPlus is a special world. Because they can be themselves there and are allowed to show them to others in a new style. According to this point, more and more people come to join in the WooPlus and want to have some different experiences, even lots of people who come from different countries. Then, this BBW dating site spreads very fast at the same time. Besides this, there is another important point that most people usually attach importance to, yes, the safty of WooPlus. You need not worry about it as well! The system of the users’ privacy protection is doing well, and anything about people’s personal information will not be known by others. Is it safe enough for you? By the way, there are some other small but wonderful features of the dating site, and i believe you will fall in love with them. 

In a word, after knowing these special features of WooPlus from most users’ reviews, do you want to have a try? Well, do not hesitate any more. Just catch the chance and experience it by yourself. I believe it will not let you down and you can find your ideal BBW partner in a very comfortable way on the site. Come on, start your dating journey!

Cougar Dating Tips And Tricks For Young Cubs

Have you ever date an older woman before in your life or have been thinking about dating an older woman or didn’t find a date for you till now. Don’t worries here are few tips about finding a cougar woman and date her. If you are looking to date a cougar woman and didn’t know how to find and date her, here are few cougar dating tips for young cubs. But before going out for a cougar date, it is quite important to know about your cougar woman. It is said that mature dating is only for those who are interested in casual dating or in other words, cougar dating is not for those who are looking for serious or long term dating. Cougar dating is only for fun and entertainment and most cougar women are only interested in casual dating or one night date and having fun. But it is really hard to find what your cougar woman is really interested in, so you must know some tips and tricks to impress your cougar woman. Here are few tips that you must know about older women dating and must use when dating a cougar woman. Follow these tips.

Your confidence speaks your identity – confidence is everything when it comes to dating and especially when you are dating an older woman. Dating and older woman is not an easy and you must not lose your confidence when you are with her. Older woman do like confident guys that knows what they are doing and their confidence in them. If you are not confident while dating with her, she may think that you are bit confused and don’t know how to date an older woman. This will leads you to rejection and she won’t like to see you in second date or you will not get any opportunity to date or see her again if you are not able to impress her right in your first date.

Avoid making any comparison when you are dating an older woman – dating a cougar woman is one of the most amazing things and you will definitely spend some memorable moments with her. But it is quite important to know that cougar women do not like to get compare by anyone. Cougar woman do like to be called unique and they feel that they are unique. So, avoid any comparison of your cougar woman when you are dating an older woman.

Never ask any question about her age – stop asking questions about her physic and her age. Cougar women don’t like to be asked any question about her age or physic. There is another thing that you need to take care about your cougar dating partner. When you are dating a cougar woman it is quite important that you shouldn’t use the word ‘C’ when dating an older woman. Cougar woman doesn’t like to be called cougar and you have to take care of that while dating her.

Follow these tips if you really want to have an amazing cougar dating relationship with your cougar partner.

Why Should I Date An Older Woman Instead Of Young Teen Age Girl – Cougar Dating

Dating is fun and everyone has its own choice to which he/she will date. I also love dating and I love older women dating. Presence of older women drives me crazy but it doesn’t mean that I didn’t date teen age girls in my life. Let me tell you that I’ve dated many girls till now and my first date was a teen age girl that shares the same age of mine. She is my batch mate actually and we spend some quality time together. 

Dating older women is my passion. My friends often says me that why I am always eager to date a mature woman rather than a young teen age girls as there is more potential in young teen age girl than older woman. So, here is my reply to my friends that why I love dating silver singles instead of younger girls. Here are the most relevant reasons that will amaze you. 

Older women are attractive and appealing sexier in bed – when you are sharing a bed with an older women, you will find that they are more appealing and attractive. They know what to do and how to please men in bed. In other words, older women are experienced and know what to do and how to make things entertaining. You don’t need to do anything extra as she will guide you the best in bed. On the other hand, teen age girl will feel shy and won’t be open up with you about her requirement or what she want from you when you are in bed with her. She may hide her feelings with you.

You don’t have to worry about her expenses – when you are dating a young teen age girl that is always out of money or no money. You have to take care of her expenses and all other financial requirements when you are dating her. While making any plan to go out for picnic and have fun, you have to bear all the expenses when you are dating a teen age girl. But on the other hand, cougar women have savings with her and you don’t have to worry about any expenses. In fact, she will take care of your expenses too if you want her to do so.

You will learn a lot from mature women dating – an older woman knows how life is and she is experienced too and has many achievements in her life. You will learn lot of things and many life lesions that bright up your future and help you to make a better personality in your life. But teen age girls don’t have any achievements till now and there is nothing new that you can learn from your teen age dating partner.

There are many other things that will make mature women a better mature women dating partner in your life as compared to other teen age girls. If you already dating an older woman, I’m quite sure that you are enjoying your Cougar dating  to its best.

Useful Tips To Date A Cougar Woman Part - 2

Dating a cougar woman always excites you up and there are many young men out there that are super excited to date an older woman . But to be...