Why Should I Date An Older Woman Instead Of Young Teen Age Girl – Cougar Dating

Dating is fun and everyone has its own choice to which he/she will date. I also love dating and I love older women dating. Presence of older women drives me crazy but it doesn’t mean that I didn’t date teen age girls in my life. Let me tell you that I’ve dated many girls till now and my first date was a teen age girl that shares the same age of mine. She is my batch mate actually and we spend some quality time together. 

Dating older women is my passion. My friends often says me that why I am always eager to date a mature woman rather than a young teen age girls as there is more potential in young teen age girl than older woman. So, here is my reply to my friends that why I love dating silver singles instead of younger girls. Here are the most relevant reasons that will amaze you. 

Older women are attractive and appealing sexier in bed – when you are sharing a bed with an older women, you will find that they are more appealing and attractive. They know what to do and how to please men in bed. In other words, older women are experienced and know what to do and how to make things entertaining. You don’t need to do anything extra as she will guide you the best in bed. On the other hand, teen age girl will feel shy and won’t be open up with you about her requirement or what she want from you when you are in bed with her. She may hide her feelings with you.

You don’t have to worry about her expenses – when you are dating a young teen age girl that is always out of money or no money. You have to take care of her expenses and all other financial requirements when you are dating her. While making any plan to go out for picnic and have fun, you have to bear all the expenses when you are dating a teen age girl. But on the other hand, cougar women have savings with her and you don’t have to worry about any expenses. In fact, she will take care of your expenses too if you want her to do so.

You will learn a lot from mature women dating – an older woman knows how life is and she is experienced too and has many achievements in her life. You will learn lot of things and many life lesions that bright up your future and help you to make a better personality in your life. But teen age girls don’t have any achievements till now and there is nothing new that you can learn from your teen age dating partner.

There are many other things that will make mature women a better mature women dating partner in your life as compared to other teen age girls. If you already dating an older woman, I’m quite sure that you are enjoying your Cougar dating  to its best.

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