Saturday, September 24, 2022

Useful tips to date a cougar woman Part – 2

Dating a cougar woman always excites you up and there are many young men out there that are super excited to date an older woman. But to be very clear, dating a cougar isn’t that easy and you must know the tricks and expert tips so that you can impress your cougar woman. In our previous post, we already discussed few tips that you need to know before dating an older woman.  Here are other important tips that will help you in cougar dating. Impressing a cougar woman need many things and you must know each and every thing while dating a cougar woman. If you are quite serious about to date a cougar, than make sure that you are following these expert tips while dating a cougar woman. Here are the best cougar tips suggested by cougar dating experts itself.

Never tell her age to her – when you are dating an older woman, it’s quite obvious that you should not tell or remind her age again and again to her. She is older than you and she knows it, you don’t have to say it in front of her or in middle of your date. This will make her upset or angry and you may have to face embarrassing situation. You might not even get the second change to date her if you did this in between the date.

Have patience and never force her for sex – cougar dating is meant for sex only but it doesn’t mean that you are forcing her for sex favors all the time. Sex is mandatory factor in older women dating and off course your cougar partner is also interested in sex and that’s why she is dating you. But you have to keep your patience and try to get connected with your cougar partner emotionally. Give time to you and your cougar partner to understand each other and what exactly you and your cougar partner looking for each other. Once you understand each other and get connected, your cougar partner will ask you to have sexual favor by itself and till then, you have to keep your patience and be with her and keep the things as simple as you can.

Never interfere in her personal life and give her some space too – some cougar women never want that their dating partner will interfere in their personal life. Most of them are singles and working and have their own personal life as well. So, it’s quite best to not interfere in their personal life if she really doesn’t like this from you. One more thing, cougar woman loves their privacy and their personal space, so never reach their work place or their home when they are at their residence. You will lose your self-respect by doing this. Be desirable and make sure that she will reach to you at your place and not you.

Dating a cougar woman is somehow tricky and there are many aspects that you must take care. But if you are following these above mentioned guidelines, you will get a best cougar experience for sure. 

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